I ka wā ma mua, I ka wā ma hope

(look to the past to move forward)

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Dynamics & predictability of ENSO diversity and its impacts

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"Everyone blames the ocean, but it’s the wind’s fault"

                                                                                                      D. Kampouroglou (1852-1942)

taken at a local tavern, Pylos, Greece, 2013


Multi-resolution paleoclimate model-proxy synthesis

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Emergent constraints for climate change projections

Karamperidou, C., F.F. Jin, and J.L. Conroy, 2017: "The Importance of ENSO Nonlinearities in Tropical Pacic Response to External Forcing.”, Clim Dyn (2016). doi:10.1007/s00382-016-3475-y


Interacting dynamics of tropical and extratropical climate